JRugs - The Company

Since 1957, our family have been involved in the trade, the export and distribution of Persian and oriental carpets to various retailers and wholesalers in all Europe.

In 1980 Farhad Poosti has based the business also through our new headquarters in the city of Florence .

Thanks to his father’s precious experience and pushed also by his origins, he has dedicated his professional life to the knowledge of the production of the rugs and in all its aspects and to the improvement of the various techniques, in order to offer his customers a wide and complete range of customized rugs .

We created the “JRugs” line in 1992, and the company completes its production with modern rugs, using all the experience and knowledge of the materials and qualities accumulated in more than 40 years , revisiting and exchanging them in a contemporary key so that the prestige of a centuries-old tradition can merge with the needs of exclusive environments.

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